My First Class G


My confidant. My sidekick. My shoulder to cry on. My late night ice cream run. My sunshiney surprise on a terrible day. My pickle juice jar saver. My ghetto jammer. My Christ loving friend. My OTH soul mate. My dancing queen deary. My random outburst. My laugh so hard I cry. My aviation fearing goof. My understander of romantic movie and reeses obsessions. My Seth’s coffee date. My inside jokester. My dart obsessed goonie. My poop pal. My no shame weird selfie. My ‘See You Again.’ The P Sawyer to my B Davis. My best friend. My wife.

To my sweet best friend,

While you’ve played various features in nearly all of my blogs, you’ve never had your very own. Today, nineteen years ago, God brought you onto this wild Earth. Although sometimes this crazy world throws us through things that are unsimple and confusing, you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll never go through them alone. I’m so beyond blessed that seven years ago, we started passing notes in my spot in math class. I’ll forever remember the times I would organize your desk, and leave you a notecard filled with stories! I’ll never understand your intimidation, but it will make me crack up until the end of time. From over seven years ago, until today, so much has changed. Life has taken so many highs and lows, showing its true colors of struggle. However, one thing that has and will always continue to change for the better, is our friendship. Through every high and low in life, you have been there for me. Through every high and low in life, I have and will forever be there for you. For some wild reason, you see me and my life a way that nobody else on this planet does. You have never judged me for the near million things that the rest of the world pin points about me, real or not. I have never been more grateful to have a person in my life than I will forever be for you. I truly hope and pray every blessing over every one of your days for the rest of forever. Until the end of time, I will always smile up to the skies, thankful for that hesitant to be outrageously goofy seventh grade girl that walked into my life, and shook it around like no one’s bidness. Here’s to forever and always with my very best mate!

I love you wife!

To the happiest of birthdays! ❤


Gossip Girl

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