Loving the Unloved.


Sometimes life is a huge kick in the rear, well more times than not really. Rough childhoods, sexual abuse, alcohol, unhealthy relationships, deaths-well really it’s life. It’s hard, unbearable at some points. You don’t think you will move past it all, you don’t believe it gets better, you don’t see past the pain.

But then there’s God.

God has saved my life every single day for the past 19 years, 7145 days. When I didn’t know it, God was there, doing amazing things in my life. Now I’ve known it and known Him for a while, and He’s doing even more amazing things for me and the people around me. More things than I could even comprehend. I’m lucky enough to witness just a few of them at a time.

Sometimes though, it’s still hard and it’s still painful and it still just plain sucks. When you go through the worst of your life, and you think it’s all okay, it’s already changed you. You push to love others with the deepest sense of love you can. With God’s love, Hesed love.

Hesed is a love that is so enduring that it persists beyond any sin or betrayal to mend brokenness and graciously extend forgiveness.

People will always hurt you, they will always let you down because we’re humans and that’s how we are created. What does it say to love through that pain anyways? Do you think a lot of people have the capability of loving fiercely? I don’t. I think the hurt people love the hardest, they love with the most that they have. Why? Just doesn’t make sense. Because sometimes life is just one big game.

So the hurt people, who haven’t felt the love they deserve are going to love you like you could have never imagined it. They are going to drive three hours to see you and surprise you because you’ve had a rough week and you’re their absolute best friend. They are going to try to bring you things like the nasty black coffee you like because you enjoy it. They are going to let you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you’re on their mind. They are going to tell you nonstop how blessed they are that God led them to you. They are going to do whatever it takes to make you smile, because you deserve the world.

The hurt, damaged, seemingly endless broken people of the world will do just about anything and everything they can to avoid hurt for you. They could not be more happy that you have never had to deal with the pain they have gone through. The things they have seen? They wouldn’t wish those upon their worst enemy. Simply put.

My advice, is to love a person like that. Notice it. See the sad girl sitting on a bench and Notice her. See the quiet, shy guy in the back of the classroom, See him. Those people will do just about anything for you. Because they love you, and they love to love the people in their life. The heartbreaking truth? Who loves those people more than almost anything else? As one of those people, I’ll tell you it’s just about nobody. It’s easy for the broken to go be so many people’s ‘person.’ But I constantly ask God, where’s my person?? I think I know, and then people slam doors in my face and make it clear they aren’t it…Yea, I get it’s hard to love a person whom was once so broken. But when she and God finally get her life on track, and she isn’t broken but she’s healed and made new in Him, love her. Wrap her up and never let her go. Because if you ever do, she’s going to be gone before you can even understand. Begging God to, yet again, fix her heart that she lent to someone who just simply couldn’t handle it.

I thank God for each and every struggle He’s faced me with. Without His guidance, I would never stand here, strong and able through everything life has pushed my way. He is beautiful, kind, honest, willful, and wise.

God is my person. It’s just me and Him.

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