Don’t Leave Me With My Thoughts–It’s Dangerous.


You know those painful days? Those days where you feel as if you are constantly walking around outside your own body. When your mind is not your own, accompanied with nothing but unwanted thoughts? Those days are full of hurt. You’re constantly reminded of every bad thing or poor decision you’ve ever made in your life. Your days of sadness only come along every once in a great while. But when they do, they wash you over like a tidal wave. Completely stripping you of every comfort you’ve ever had-both in yourself and in others.

Your life will not be perfect. It will be filled with a million bad days. Both because of you getting inside your own head, and others trying to pry in. They think they know you. They speak words over your life, claiming to hold all of the knowledge in the world to ‘fix you.’ย Who said you were broken in the first place?ย Well, apparently they do. And apparently they know you better than you know yourself. Silly you.

So here’s to you.

Have you ever thought they maybeย YOU have the millions of issues you try pushing down other people’s throats? Do you ever think about the way the simple words you say break the hearts of the people around you? How does it feel to turn so many people away from you? Do you even care? How does it feel to know that sometimes I wish I had never even known you? That sometimes, I want to tell you that I hate you. And that’s terrible because truly I don’t think we should hate anyone. We weren’t made for that, that’s not of us, or the Lord. But honestly, you’re probably the person that makes that word flow into my mind more than anyone. Honestly, I’m really disappointed in who you turned out to be. You’re cruel and cynical-constantly acting like you know what’s best for everyone. Well I’d like to let you in on a little secret. Everyone has aย you. Everyone has a bully in their life that is a threat to the happiness they have surely succumed. Unfortunate for you, I am bound and determined to protect my happiness with everything I’ve got. So honestly, screw you. Screw your family, screw your filthy, hurtful words and screw any opinions you may ever have again. I don’t wish you well. I don’t wish you anything at all.

Whew! Who knew, certain people could be the reason for your dark days. They could be the cause of the pain in your heart. The reason that sometimes you start to dislike yourself, you start to believe in the things they speak over you. Your mind gets overtaken and it isn’t of you. It’s pure torture. There is absolutely nothing okay with it and at some point,ย it needs to end.ย People won’t have power over you unless you give it to them.

So instead, control your mind, hold your heart close and hang on. c14c3ec278a163b6b89b97f131de0291 900e18005a09a7e30882947aef3f17e1 a7f4587bd176f643df12161f2fbfca2f


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