Where Are All the Hidden Cameras?


If I’m not being punked, I truly don’t even know what to make of my life. There are so many beautiful things. Things I know I don’t deserve, but am lucky enough to be able to cherish anyways.


If I have learned anything in being out of high school for the past year and a half, it’s who my true friends are. It always comes out in the wash doesn’t it? People will forever ‘be there’ for you, but when you’re keeling over in despair, where’d they disappear to this time. Convenience. Sadly, most of the people around you are only there for themselves. Heck I’ve come to know that even some Christians, who claim to shine with such a different light, still walk through the dark selfish alleys sometimes. And that’s sad, because being an over emotional and sensitive girl, you care. You care about the good people, the wrong people, and the terrible people all the same. It’s in your character and you’ll just have to deal with it because that girl is never going to go away. No matter what.

But then you have the AMAZING friends. The ones that will be your Maid of Honor, the God Mother of your children, the milk to your cereal. If you don’t have a wife…I simply feel bad for you. There’s nobody who will ever take the spot of your wife. She’s the definition of the best friend you will ever have. She’s the laugh behind every silly crazy whacko idea you two can come with today. You go through all of your troubles and life’s ridiculous issues together. Because sometimes, and when I say sometimes I mean all the time, you just need a wife. So you spend your last semester far away driving home at midnight because nobody else will ever understand.



Seriously, where my burg girls at? Thigh gaps? Size double zero? Last time I checked I’m not a Barbie Doll and God created me with a hearty appetite. So let’s put that puppy to use, right?? I mean honestly? Some of these girls out there will never understand what it means to love their bodies. That’s such a morose thought to me. We’re supposed to be over here allowing our bodies to prepare themselves for womanhood. Starving yourself and restricting such sweet deliciousness will not accomplish anything except a cruel internal head game. So grab a hammer, bash the scale in, and pick up a cheeseburger. Noms.



This one can be tricky. When you grow up without the ‘ideal’ family, family isn’t always the best institute to count on. But hey, gotta love em right? At the end of the day, whether the feelings are reciprocated or not, my family is my rock.

Mom: That woman is the definition of something else. She’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before. A scarred heart wrapped up in every sense of comfort and beauty; a sense of the world so full of laughter and helping others find the happiness she may still seek.

Dad: There hasn’t been a day on this Earth I haven’t been the biggest ‘Daddy’s Girl’ around. I love my mom to pieces, but my dad will forever be my biggest supporter, my biggest fan. He knows the things I’m capable of being and doing before I’m even shown sometimes. I swear to it. No other person or combination of people could be more protective of me. As a teenager I resented that factor. As an adult, there is not a more comforting aspect in the world…I only hope and pray the man God places as my husband and the father of my children will have such a tender heart.

My Siblings: It still baffles me that I’m the baby of six other magnificent people. When people meet me they always assume I’m an only child. How that is I could never understand. Where else would I look to to learn such valuable life lessons? Doing what you want with your life is the most important. Life is short, so don’t take it for granted. Forgiveness is one of the most humbling and important traits you could encompass. There’s nothing out there that could ever turn the Lord and His love away from you. And no amount of disaster or a bad gene can hold you back from the ones who love you. I cherish them more than they can even understand..Hannah 9



We all love to be in love, don’t we? There’s truly nothing like it. Those butterflies that, if you’re lucky, will never go away. That feeling you get in your stomach when you’ve been waiting a week and you finally see him. He’s right there in front of you for you to run and grab and hug like it’s the last time you’ll ever do it. It’s beautiful, and it’s absolutely terrifying, and it’s honorable, and it’s God centered, and there is nothing and no one that can fill that part of your heart. It’s him. And you just want to cling onto him for all of eternity. You find him in the scent of hand soaps, the way the songs sound, the piles of leaves you walk by on your way to class, the way you see yourself when you glance in a passing window, and in your rearview mirror as you depart for another week back to reality of school. Word vomit. It’s love. It’s our most basic human emotion, it’s what we’re generated to do. So what are we so afraid of?



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